Bloggiesta To Do

    In short, Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon revolving around ticking off those items on your to-do list and improving your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing. Our awesome mascot Pedro (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize) is ready to break out the nachos, enchiladas, drinks, mariachi music and whack a pinata or two! It’s nothing short of an awesome fiesta!”

    I’m participating in Bloggiesta this weekend! I have a very ambitious to do list. These are all things I’d like to get done sooner or later, so I want to cross some off during Bloggiesta.

    • Catch up on commenting
      • I’ve saved so many great posts that I made me think and want to leave a comment. Now I need to do so!
    • Write and schedule posts currently in drafts
      • After an August too busy for much reading, I’ve been reading at least an hour a day in September. I have four review posts to work on.
    • Cross post reviews to Goodreads
      • I think a few of my new reviews (from this year) have slipped through the cracks, and I’d like to add some of my better older reviews as well.
    • Finish writing ‘about me’
      • It’s in a very sorry state at the moment! I don’t know how many people really read these things, but I think it looks bad unfinished…
    • Brainstorm a monthly schedule and ideas for posts that are different from what I currently do
      • Right now I get by mostly on reviews and participating in the occasional event as they come, but I would like to do more to get my brain working and my creative juices flowing. I think making a schedule might help me remember to write something different every once in awhile.
    • Streamline social media links (add icons?)
      • I know very little about blog design but I would like to work on mine a bit more. I like checking out the different cute icons bloggers use for social media and would like to get something like that going on my own blog.
    • Organize the sidebar (add a second one?)
      • There’s a lot going on in that sidebar and I can’t decide what I want to prioritize, remove or add. It could use some tidying.
    • Participate in a mini challenge or two, and check out other participants’ blogs to see what everyone is working on!
      • For inspiration and motivation, of course 🙂

    What’s on your blogging to-do list?

    • Such a wonderfully detailed list! I love it. Good luck! and Happy Bloggiesta!

    • Good luck with your brainstorming for new post ideas! Hope you come up with some great ones.

    • I love your list! Commenting is the one thing I'm ALWAYS behind on and forever feeling guilty for. So that's my final goal of this Bloggiesta–commenting on all the participants' blogs! I hope you've been able to get lots of your goals accomplished!