Bloggiesta Wrap-up

Bloggiesta ended nearly a week ago now, but finally, here is my wrap-up post! I participated mostly on the Thursday. I’m happy with what I achieved, though I didn’t work on any reviews which is the point of this blog, so tomorrow I’m going to focus on scheduling a few. Here’s a recap of my to do list:

  • Catch up on commenting
    • Success! I commented on a number of posts I had saved for later reading, as well as more recent posts.
  • Write and schedule posts currently in drafts
    • No success… bumped to tomorrow’s to do!
  • Cross post reviews to Goodreads
    • No success…but really this is just a ‘someday’ item
  • Finish writing ‘about me’
    • Success! It’s still not phrased quite as nicely I would like it to be, but it’s got all the essential information I wanted to include.
  • Brainstorm a monthly schedule and ideas for posts that are different from what I currently do
    • Partial success! I have a pile of ideas…now to determine the best way to implement them, on a schedule I could realistically maintain. Figuring out my schedule may still take a bit of time, as I just moved to a new country in August and started my first full time job this month.
  • Streamline social media links (add icons?)
    • Success! I found some clean and simple icons in a colour to match my blog.
  • Organize the sidebar (add a second one?)
    • Success! I hope the sidebar is more useful now.
  • Participate in a mini challenge or two, and check out other participants’ blogs to see what everyone is working on!
    • Partial success! I didn’t participate in any mini challenges, but I did visit other blogs and explored old challenges to have a go at in the future. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog during this event and to those book bloggers who continue to inspire me!