Don’t mind the mess…

I have planned all year to migrate to WordPress from Blogger. I always said, “Well, I think I’ll get to it in the fall.” And here we are! I had a free day today and suddenly felt really motivated. Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew – things should look prettier around here by Sunday – but I think everything is functional. I probably should have made a post before I made the switchover, but I didn’t really think things through 😛  Hopefully I haven’t lost anybody in the transfer.

If you’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, please let me know any tips you might have! (Also, if you come across any problems/errors…I know there are many, haha. I’m working on them slowly but surely. ) I’m basically starting from scratch with my design and all that. I’m excited to freshen things up and explore some of the plug-ins I hear other bloggers rave about…

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  • My way of moving from Blogger to WordPress was to let Ashley from NoseGraze take care of everything for me. It cost me something, but it was worth it in savings of time and frustration. I did find that I had to go through old posts to fix some bad line breaks, but that was about it.

    This is looking nice though. I don’t know why the follow logos are vertical (this is why I need someone to help me). Good luck working out the kinks!

    • Ashley’s walk through was one of a few guides that was very helpful for me. I have my eye on her Tweak Me theme for in the future… Thanks also for the kind words. I’ve just solved the vertical logos! 🙂 There are a few more changes I want to make in the sidebar, but I think I’ve got everything in a presentable state now.

  • It all looks very nice to me. That is quite a project to take on. I have been debating switching to WordPress but it sounds so intimidating. I would be curious to hear your feelings about the benefits of switching to WordPress now that you have done it and can compare the two.

    • Thank-you! I am just about done with tweaking things for now, I think. I was running my blog on an outdated version of Blogger because some years ago I didn’t want to deal with a Blogger upgrade, hah. The process was a little intimidating, but I found some very helpful guides that helped me through it. So far the biggest draw of self-hosted WordPress for me is the ability to customize the site. I have a lot more freedom than I did on Blogger.