48 Hour Book Challenge

48 Hour book challengeI am taking a break from Armchair Book Expo posting today (though I am still reading and enjoying your posts on diversity and dining with authors) to mention that I am also participating in a 48 Hour Book Challenge¬†(#48HBC) this weekend, hosted by Ms. Yingling Reads. This is a low-key, low-pressure reading event that essentially gives you an excuse to read and chat about books all weekend ūüėȬ†Below are four books I picked up from the library specifically for this challenge, plus one that I’ve owned for some time. All are middle-grade novels that have been on my TBR for at least two years.
48 Hour Book Challenge

I am not sure how much reading I’ll actually be able to accomplish this weekend, but I will provide updates on Twitter and perhaps a final recap post on Monday if all goes well. If you have even a few spare hours to devote to reading (or chatting about reading!) this weekend, I encourage you to check out this challenge. What bookish plans do you have for this weekend?
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  1. Happy 48hr challenge reading. The Castle Behind Thorns was on I particularly enjoyed on your list. Thanks for the friend invite too. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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