Hello everyone! My name is Jenna. I’m a 20-something from the Canadian Prairies. I love travel (I have WWOOFed in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, and I taught English in Japan), but I’m about to settle down in Vancouver so I can start an MLIS programme. I studied children’s literature in university and would like to become a children’s librarian in the future. I have been blogging since 2006. I turned my focus to book blogging in April 2014. For me, reviews are the heart of blogging and that’s mostly what you’ll find here.

I am a second round judge for the Cybils 2017 middle grade speculative fiction category. I served on the first round panel of judges for the Cybils 2016 middle grade fiction category.

What I usually like to read: Genre-defying literary fiction for children or adults, including magical realism, fantasy with a twist a la Gaiman, dark and gothic and creepy with a touch of terror (but less horror), or just straight up literary fiction with moving prose and thoughtful characters. Favourite include The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Kafka on the Shore, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, In the Night Garden, Inkspell, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Peter Pan, White is for Witching, The Woman in Black, The Haunting of Hill House and Never Let Me Go. Non-fiction related to anything current or historical that grabs my interest, including religion (especially Buddhism), food (especially where it comes from), Tolkien, and language/books/reading (any aspects). My non-fiction TBR list grows easily… Favourites include Guns, Germs and Steel, Hitching Rides with Buddha, Schott’s Food and Drink Miscellany, The History of the Hobbit, Wild (by Jay Griffiths) and Time Was Soft There.

What I don’t usually like to read: High fantasy a la Tolkien (Tolkien is my favourite, none can match him), urban fantasy, chick lit (once in a blue moon, perhaps), straight up detective/mystery novels, romance-centric tales

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Review Policy

Professional Reader80%Please read if you have specific requirements that must be met by a blogger’s review. Do not ask me more than once to review a book. Feel free to e-mail me (seventy two days @ gmail .com) about anything you see here, though I will only respond to review requests that interest me.

  • Currently considering traditionally published physical or digital books in which I have an interest.
    • If you would like to me to review your book, please check that it fits one of my ‘what I like to read’ parameters (as described above) or that it’s on my GoodReads to-read shelf.
    • I do not review picture books on my blog. However, I may post a review to Goodreads and Twitter if requested to do so.
    • I do not review self-published books.
    • Reviews will state if a book was received to review
  • All books received for review will be reviewed
    • Be that review short or long, positive or negative, unless a specific agreement has been reached with the book’s provider
    • Reviews are posted on Falling Letters, GoodReads and Twitter
  • Reviews will be posted when I have the time to complete them
    • This often means near the book’s publication date, OR within two weeks of my completing the book, OR when the provider of the book requests
    • Please allow three weeks for me to read a book
  • Sample reviews: non-fiction, fiction (positive), fiction (negative), brief thoughts.

The Old Falling Letters – September 2010 to January 2013

1. To keep a proper record of the books I read, and what I
think of them, and how they make feel, and so on. I read voraciously,
but I rarely write down my thoughts on what I’ve read and when I do it’s
little more than ‘this book was heartbreaking/exciting/boring/etc.’. I
read a book, I think about it for awhile, and then I move on. Books are
important to me, more important than a lot of things. I want to remember
how a book inspired or disgusted me, how a book shaped me into who I
am, how a book taught me things I won’t ever want to forget. I want to
remember why I read.

***While what I write is probably
technically a ‘review’, it is a review meant to help me reflect on what I
read. These ‘reviews’ aren’t written with the intent of helping someone
decide if a book is worth reading, so please use caution when judging a
book based on what I’ve written about it.

While exploring this site, you may come across some remnants from the original Falling Letters. Active primarily from September 2010 to January 2013, I ran this blog in a more personal, reflective manner. I wrote about how a book affected me, why I loved a music album, and shared my writing. Above is my original statement of purpose for writing about books. I wrote posts labelled ‘book friday archive‘ and ‘more books archive‘ during this era. I also preserved my introductory posts to the original Falling Letters blog as well as my year-end wrap up posts. You can find all posts from the original blog, including those about music and writing, at FallingLetters-Archived.