Summer Library Challenge

About: Hosted by Kate and Kristen of The Book Monsters, this challenge encourages library going and library book reading. The “Summer Library Readathon” will take place from June 16 to June 22, with other activities like challenges and Twitter chats throughout June and July. I think this sounds like a fun challenge for both power library users myself and those who don’t get out to the library as much as they might like. Sign up here.

My Interest: I’m not actively looking for events or challenges to participate in at this time, but when I saw this one posted on A Novel Challenge, I had to sign up. On 2 August, I will move to Japan for at least one year. My local library will be something I miss dearly. Almost every book I read comes from the library initially – I love buying books but I am very selective, so I prefer to read a book before purchasing. I had already planned to step-up my library going in the months leading up to my departure. Now I look forward to doing so in good company!

My Goals:

  •  Visit the library once a week
  • Read 12 library books
  • Attend two library-hosted events