Summer Library Challenge: Wrap-Up

The Summer Library Challenge concluded today. These were my goals:

  • Visit the library once a week – COMPLETE!!
  • Read 12 library books – NEARLY!
  • Attend two library-hosted events – PARTIAL
    • I participated in an Ideas Fair, during which my library collected feedback from patrons on how the library might become more involved in the community.
    • I didn’t make it to any of the events I mentioned in my mid-way post. So much to do, so little time!

I was also lucky enough to win two of the giveaways – an Amazon gift card and The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson. Thank-you to Kristen @ The Book Monsters for hosting such a fun challenge! I enjoyed reading about other bloggers’ libraries, and I’m happy I was motivated to engage a little bit more with my library before my big move.

Summer Library Challenge: Library Scavenger Hunt

This week’s challenge: “We’re winding to an end, so I thought I’d come up with something fun. So here is a little scavenger hunt, you can do it virtually or in person, up to you. You don’t have to do all, but let me know in the comments or a post/tweet which one you did and if you enjoyed what you found.”

  1. Go to your favorite section of the library. Close your eyes and feel out, picking a random book. If it’s a book you haven’t read before, see if it’s one you would like and then check it out and read it.
    • I had a tricky time deciding which area I would choose as my ‘favourite’ but in the end I decided on the section of Tolkien criticism. Even if I haven’t yet read a lot of books from here, I also like to sit and read in this area.
    • I found The Spiritual World of The Hobbit by James Stuart Bell. This is a recent release and only arrived at the library in April. I’m not sure if I will read it before I leave, but I hadn’t heard of it before so I’m glad I found a new book to check out.
  2. Go to a section of the library you’ve never been to and pick out a book you normally wouldn’t.
    • The only sections of the library I don’t visit at least on occasion are westerns, romances and inspirational, and since there’s no chance I would read one of those in the week before I move, I went to the magazines instead. I have nothing against magazines; I just never read them because there’s so many books to read!
    • I took out National Geographic (Apr 2014), Shambhala Sun (Nov 2013), and National Geographic Traveler (May 2013).
  3. Talk to your reference librarian, ask them a question (or two), skip the computer and go straight to the source to help you find something.
    •  I couldn’t think of a question to ask so I skipped this one ^-^;
  4. If you normally use self checkout, go to an actual circulation clerk to check out. Or opposite.
    •  I used the self-checkout at the new exit into the park. Very convenient!
  5. Find a movie, CD, or other non-print item to check out.
    •  I took out a CD – French Violin Sonatas. I hope it will prove to be relaxing music to read by.

Summer Library Challenge: Library Collage

 This week’s challenge: “I’d love if you shared a picture or several pictures of your library.”

I’d like to share some photos from the park at my favourite library branch. This is a photo of my friend standing by a large sculpture titled emptyful (click for info). The mist was very refreshing on that hot day.

This area is my favourite part of the library park. I love ponds! This one has beautiful lily pad flowers later in the summer.

This is the ‘back’ wall of the library. (Recently they installed a second entrance so you can now enter/exit the building from this side.) The library is four stories tall and the stairs follow along this wall of windows, with large desks and chairs all along the stairs. It is a beautiful spot to study!

Summer Library Challenge: Library Storytime

 This week’s challenge: “I wanted to share some stories about my library experiences and I’d like for you to do so as well.”

This post is a little bit as I didn’t finish it up before I went to the lake this weekend. I wasn’t sure what to write about, but over the weekend I remembered an assignment I had in my first year of university. I wrote a short autobiography about the role of reading and writing in my life. Of course, the library has played a huge role! Here are my earliest library memories, which I wrote about in my assignment: 
When I was two and a half, my favourite outing was to the library. I went with my mom at least once every three weeks when the books were due. There were two blue laundry baskets filled with books in the kid’s section at the [Local] Library.  One of the baskets was filled with books by Beatrix Potter. I would make my mom sit in one of tiny plastic chairs around the tiny plastic table and then I would go over to the Beatrix Potter basket. I would pile up the books and then rearrange them and then pile them up again. If I got bored, I would go look at the books on the kid-sized shelves. Then I would go back to stacking up the Beatrix Potter books. I was very possessive of that blue basket. I would put my arms around the basket if another kid tried to come near it. I wasn’t mean or rude, though. If somebody really wanted a book, I would pick one out for them and give it to them. I just wouldn’t let them near my basket of books. Sitting by that basket is the earliest memory I have. How fitting that the memory would be about books.
The thing about the Beatrix Potter books is that my mom told me I could only take out two at a time because that was a rule the library had. This was a rule I didn’t like much, but I believed it to be real until I was eight years old and my little sister started taking out Beatrix Potter books (I was far too old for Beatrix Potter at that point). I told her she was only allowed to take out two, but then my mom laughed at me and told me that was a rule she had just made up because she didn’t like reading them to me (She would get my grandma to read them. I should clarify that my mother is very supportive of my reading and writing habits. She just didn’t like Beatrix Potter very much). Even though I was too old for Beatrix Potter, I was still upset that at one point my mom had limited the number of books I was allowed to take out.
Around the time when I was reading Beatrix Potter books, my mother began taking me to a reading group. I can very distinctly recall not enjoying that activity at all. I didn’t see why I had to go into a room full of people and have someone else read a story to me and all those people. I would rather sit with a book on my own and read it, thank-you very much. I never talked during reading group. I didn’t tell my mom I never enjoyed going until I was much older, too old for reading group.
In kindergarten we went to the [Other Local] Library for a field trip. I didn’t have a library card and I thought I wouldn’t be able to take out any books. I cried. Luckily my mom was a volunteer for this field trip and she hurriedly explained to me that I could a sign up for a library card right then and there. I stopped crying and cheerfully signed out a handful of books.


Summer Library Challenge: Book Haul #2 and Goals Check-in

In my first library book haul post, I picked up five books. I dropped three of them, but The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender was a five star read and I’m greatly enjoying Buddhism Plain & Simple so far. I had two more holds come shortly after that post – All the Birds, Singing and I Forgot to Remember. I read both and posted a few thoughts here.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve picked up a good number of library books, through planned trips, spontaneous browsing and hold requests. Here’s what’s sitting in the pile:


As we’re just past the halfway mark for this challenge, I thought I would review how my goals are going.
  • Visit the library once a week
    • I forgot this was actually on my goals list! Oops…I haven’t been keeping track, but I think I have managed this anyhow. I’ve been stopping in lots to pick up books. I haven’t had any of those fun afternoons at the library yet, but now that I’m done school I hope to get in at least two before the end of the month.
  • Read 12 library books
  • Attend two library-hosted events
    • Halfway there! I participated in an Ideas Fair last month. Today I inadvertently found a clue for the library’s book hunt. Next time I visit I’m going to give it a try. After checking out upcoming events, I might attend an outdoor open mic reading session or a guided tour of a local park.

Have you visited the library recently? What’s in your library TBR pile?