★ – Don’t bother
★★ – Meh
★★½ –  Not all bad, didn’t have anything better to read
★★★ – Good, maybe borrow from the library
★★★½ – Enjoyable, worth your time
★★★★ – Great book, widely recommended OR a potential reread
★★★★½ – Awesome book, a favourite, would like to own
★★★★★ – Fantastic book, a lasting favourite, definitely purchase

Most books I read will receive ★★★½ – this is a good
book to read! Anything ★★★ or higher I would recommend to someone.

ratings conform to the GoodReads scale.

My opinion of a book changes over time as I do. I might disagree now with a review I wrote two years ago. Please take older reviews with a grain of a salt.

Brief vs. regular review: A brief (formerly known as quick) review means I didn’t put too much thought into the review. I just wrote down my immediate impressions. I didn’t spend hours agonizing over what to write. This doesn’t necessarily account for length. Sometimes my time spent ruminating results in a short regular review and sometimes my immediate thoughts results in a longer quick review. Brief describes the time I spend writing, not the length of the review.