Extra Books – January 30 to February 6

  •  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
    • Published: July 1998
    • Genre: Magical fantasy
    • Why I picked it up: Rereading the series
    • Rating: 3.5 stars
    • Challenges: Harry Potter 2011 | 100+
    • My Thoughts: 
      • What I find most interesting about the first couple of Harry Potter books (and I suspect this will continue until the fourth or fifth book) is how little happens in them! Haha. I know there’s a mammoth plot and back story galore to come, but there’s very little of that in the first two books at least. I liked how this one gave you a few more tidbits about Voldemort and how powerful he used to be (through giving more information about Lucius Malfoy, who I am discovering this time around is kind of deliciously malevolent). But still. Whatever happened in this book won’t be recognized as important til later on. This one had a little more substance than the introductory book, but it still felt mostly like a fun kids series. Oh, how I look forward to what lies ahead…

I’ve fallen behind quite a bit on my reading schedule. I’ve signed out of the library a lot of books I thought I should read but end up having not interest in (Faulkner = definitely not for me) so I end up dropping them, at a loss with what to read next. but, I’ve been reading at least two books a week which is where my reading habits of a few years used to be (well, a few years ago I would read three or four books a week but the books I would read then were much easier reads and a lot shorter). An improvement over last year, at least, which is satisfying in its own way.