Bookcase Tour

Inspired by Kate @ Parchment Girl’s post, “A Photographic Tour of My Bookshelves

In just a week, I will start packing up my books for a long-distance move. While struggling with the decision of which books might be okay to leave behind at my parent’s, I decided that I should take some photos of the way my bookcase looks today. (I have a number of photos of my bookcase over the years…I’m nostalgic for that sort of thing.) I loved Kate’s tour of her bookshelves and thought now would be perfect timing for me to do the same.

And that’s my bookcase! I do store some books on a shelf out in the hallway. They are books that I don’t love as much as these 😛 But the majority of my books are featured in these photos. I try to only buy books that I know will be lasting favourites, or books that I want to support financially.

Do you have a bookcase or two or seven? Do you have a particular system for organizing your shelves?

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  • The Book Prophet

    I love how much Tolkien you have haha.

  • Your shelves are a true eye candy!

    • Thank-you! ^^ I am packing them up right now…it’s a bit sad, even though I know I’ll be putting them back together once I move.

  • You shelves look awesome! I’m especially loving that Tolkien shelf! I feel like I really need to get some nicer editions of all my Tolkien books. My copy of the Lord of The Rings is a movie tie-in set (which goes to show how old they are!), and I just have this really old edition of The Hobbit from when I was a kid, and a battered second-hand copy of The Silmarillion.
    I love the ‘book lover’ bookends too! Great post! 🙂

    • Thank-you!! I do put a little more care into buying Tolkien books than I do other books, haha. I also have a movie tie in set, that I use for taking notes. I still love my childhood edition of The Hobbit (the blue paperback)! I feel like it holds lots of great memories, from when I first read and reread the book. 🙂