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Inspired by Kate @ Parchment Girl’s post, “A Photographic Tour of My Bookshelves

In just a week, I will start packing up my books for a long-distance move. While struggling with the decision of which books might be okay to leave behind at my parent’s, I decided that I should take some photos of the way my bookcase looks today. (I have a number of photos of my bookcase over the years…I’m nostalgic for that sort of thing.) I loved Kate’s tour of her bookshelves and thought now would be perfect timing for me to do the same.

And that’s my bookcase! I do store some books on a shelf out in the hallway. They are books that I don’t love as much as these 😛 But the majority of my books are featured in these photos. I try to only buy books that I know will be lasting favourites, or books that I want to support financially.

Do you have a bookcase or two or seven? Do you have a particular system for organizing your shelves?

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Guest Post At Pages Unbound

Since March 19, Pages Unbound has been hosting two weeks of posts about Tolkien in celebration of Tolkien Reading Day. Today features my review of Tolkien in Translation edited by Thomas Honegger. Here is the first paragraph:

Tolkien in TranslationOnce upon a time, I wanted to write a paper about translating Tolkien for an undergraduate course. Numerous challenges accompany the task of translating literature. Tolkien crafted his stories on a foundation of language. His careful use of the English language and his creation of Middle-earth’s own languages further complicates the process of translating his works. As he wrote of The Lord of the Rings, “Hardly a word in its 600,000 or more has been unconsidered” (The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, 160). Though my paper never materialized, the beginning of my research led me to Tolkien in Translation¸ a volume of works that “reflects on some of these challenges and how different translators overcame them” (back description). This book is the fourth volume in the Cormarë series from Walking Tree Publishers. The series currently consists of 35 books collecting scholarly papers and studies about Tolkien and his writing.

Head on over to Pages Unbound to read the rest of my review. Be sure to check out some of the other great posts from the Tolkien Reading Event as well.

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Don’t mind the mess…

I have planned all year to migrate to WordPress from Blogger. I always said, “Well, I think I’ll get to it in the fall.” And here we are! I had a free day today and suddenly felt really motivated. Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew – things should look prettier around here by Sunday – but I think everything is functional. I probably should have made a post before I made the switchover, but I didn’t really think things through 😛  Hopefully I haven’t lost anybody in the transfer.

If you’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, please let me know any tips you might have! (Also, if you come across any problems/errors…I know there are many, haha. I’m working on them slowly but surely. ) I’m basically starting from scratch with my design and all that. I’m excited to freshen things up and explore some of the plug-ins I hear other bloggers rave about…

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